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Santa's Reindeer
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enerally Kriss Kringle is known as a bearded old man in a fur costume who appears in Yuletide and gives presents.

Here are the origins of Santa's many traditions and customs:


Gifts: From St. Nicholas and the Magi (The three wise men from the Orient in the New Testament). They brought gifts for children and regarding St. Nicholas, he delivered gifts of his own gold late at night to those less fortunate.
Beard: St. Nicholas is traditionally seen as bearded. The Magi are also bearded. Santa Claus
Costume: The familiar red suit of Santa Claus has evolved through the centuries. He has many variations of the suit, including cloaks or long red robes. Did you know that Santa only wears the red costume on Christmas eve and Christmas day. The rest of the year he and his elves dress in white clothes to better blend in with their surroundings at the North Pole.
Reindeer: Santa uses them as a form of transport. The reindeer he uses are known as Peary reindeer and have a unique physical construction that allows them to be aerodynamic and actually fly. In Scandinavia and Germany Santa comes on the 24th of December, but he goes door-to-door like normal people.
The stocking and chimney: In England and America the annual visit is a secret and is done at night. Although Santa is best known for using the chimney as the way he gets into everyone's house, he also will use any way possible to enter a house and deliver his presents. Santa has had to adapt over the centuries as homes have changed and many do not have chimneys.
North Pole: The home of Santa Claus. His secret workshops were constructed in the arctic and constantly change location as the ice at the Arctic Circle continually shifts position.
Cap: Probably from the bishop's Mitre of St. Nicholas. Curiously enough the Mitre resembles and possibly derives from the headgear of old Magi images, Persian priests. the other Christmas present givers. The Phrygian headgear of French Revolution fame might be another influence.

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