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What others say about Kriss Kringle
Mr. Kringle's resume

Kriss Kringle and the Polar Express ticket"You took the time to send a letter to a little girl on the other side of the world. You made her Christmas because it may be the only gift she receives. She carries the letter with her and shows it to all her friends. I can never thank you enough." -- Andrej, Slovenia

"You are amazing. The ways you help other people never ends." -- J.P., Missouri

"Your letter to my daughter was so touching that I had to e-mail you." -- K. B., Canada

"Thanks Santa. You made a young boy jump around the room all day." -- W. H., United Kingdom

"Thank you for helping us with our Movie Night. The children were so excited to see Santa!" -- Allison, Dream Factory

"You are so kind to spend so much time with us. The girls were shocked Santa was in their home! Thank you again for your time and care towards my children." -- Jill G.

"If I didn't know better, I would swear he was the real thing." -- Mrs. H, teacher

"Very impressive. The other teachers wished they had had you come to their rooms."
-- Mrs. N, teacher

"Thank YOU! Merry Christmas." -- MC, KUDL Radio

"The best we've ever had," -- MS, Daycare provider

"He made a believer out of me," -- SH

Heard in the Crowd

"He is a great Santa Claus."

"Oh my gosh, you are the best I have ever seen!"

"Yes honey, that is the real Santa." (Father to daughter)

Can Kriss Kringle help you during the holiday season? He is available for public and private, charitable and corporate events.

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