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Santa's Reindeer
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Santa's Elves

The "Magnificent Eight" refers to the original eight members of Santa's reindeer team. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen are the original reindeer. They pulled Santa's sleigh quite successfully for many years. Rudolph came along a bit later and almost everyone knows the story by now of how Rudolph saved the Christmas Mission one Christmas Eve when a blizzard almost forced the cancellation of Santa's annual visit.

Dasher An original member of the "Magnificent Eight" which made their first Christmas Eve flight nearly 2,000 years ago. Dasher is known for his short bursts of speed and his energy, which is mainly attributed to crisp carrots and of course grazing the grass outside of the Reindeer stable complex near the North Pole.

Santa says:
"Dasher takes his job very seriously, like all of the reindeer, but he trains extra hard in the months leading up to the team's Christmas Eve flight.
Dancer  Displays a certain flair and elegance as one of Santa's flying reindeer. Dancer has the grace of a gazelle, but don't tell her that, she doesn't really care for gazelles that much. A very athletic reindeer, she makes the job look much easier than it is. She is deceptively fast and has great quickness, which helps Santa and his sleigh avoid obstacles in the Christmas Eve sky each year.

Santa says:
"Dancer may not be the strongest reindeer of the group, but she is the most elegant. Just a beautiful site to witness."
Prancer  The most majestic of all the reindeer, Prancer is a high-stepping member of Santa's team. Prancer's high leg kicks and perfect posture are a thing of beauty to watch as the deer glides through the night sky, proudly towing the precious Christmas cargo. Prancer displays a tremendous amount of confidence, but is not arrogant in any way.

Santa says:
"Prancer has always been a team player and knows that it takes all of the reindeer working together to accomplish the special mission on Christmas Eve."
Vixen  Vixen is not one of the best-known of Santa's "Magnificent Eight" but this reindeer has been a consistent performer throughout its Christmas career. An absolute flirt when not on the job, Vixen has great strength and stamina and never seems to get tired, even when weather conditions are not at their best.

Santa says:
"Vixen is a playful reindeer, which not many people know, but this member of my team is also very dedicated to making sure the annual Christmas mission is successful."
Comet  Comet has quite a personality. This reindeer can sometimes be rather stubborn, but Comet also has a very strong will, which aids this member of Santa's team when the going gets tough. Comet displays unique leadership ability and is focused on what has to be done.

Santa says:
"Comet can be a bit headstrong, but this reindeer has been a valued member of my team for many, many years."
Cupid  Cupid is a very loving reindeer, which is how this animal got its name. A very good running companion for Comet, Cupid has pulled Santa's sleigh for a very long time right beside Comet in Santa's "lineup" of reindeer. Cupid sometimes requires a little extra hug or grooming, but this reindeer is always ready to pull the load on Christmas eve.

Santa says:
"Cupid is a favorite of Mrs. Claus, who always gives this reindeer a little extra attention."
Donder  Donder's name sometimes appears as Donner in books and writings about Santa Claus, the North Pole and his team of reindeer. Donder is a very proud animal that certainly is not cocky, but very confident in his abilities. Donder is recognized as one of the strongest members of Santa's team.

Santa says:
"I have known ole Donder for a very, very long time and have a great deal of respect for everything this reindeer can do."
Blitzen  One of the most aggressive members of Santa's team, Blitzen never backs down from a challenge. This reindeer is not the strongest or fastest member of the team, but no reindeer has more determination or savvy than Blitzen, who annually wins several events at the Reindeer Games.

Santa says:
"Blitzen may not have as much raw talent as some of the other members of the team, but no reindeer has more heart."
Rudolph  Widely regarded as the "most famous reindeer of all." He is the youngest member of the group, making his first Christmas Eve run in the great snow storm of 63...that's 1863. If you look closely, you can see in his photo that the end of his nose is indeed red. At night and in bad weather, it lights the sky and guides Santa's sleigh.

Santa says:
"What can I say about Rudolph that hasn't already been said? This reindeer is a true beacon in the night for ole Santa and has saved the annual Christmas Eve mission on many occasions."

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